9 marca 2018

Dresses & blouses | Yoins

Hi everyone!
Recently I've received a cooperation proposal from Yoins. I have to admit that haven't heard about it before, although after reviewing their site I was really surprised. When I went to the Yoins webside, I saw a lot of amazing clothes! This is a store with really beautiful clothes for women. I am very happy that I can cooperate with this store. There is a huge collection of nice things and I am sure that each of you would find there something for yourself. You can find there beautiful dresses, elegant blouses, fashionable bottoms, two pieces outfits, shoes, bags and a lot more - clothes for every season, every occasion and for each of us! My attention was also attracted by the prices of clothes. I think they are really low. Check it out yourself! I really like latest hot sexy party dresses and fashion ladies blouses online from there. Today I'd like to show you a few of them. Only a few, because all the things I liked, I could not fit in here. Let me know which one you like and be sure to look at the assortment of this store, and you will definitely fall in love!

7 marca 2018

Are you looking for special deals for Women’ s Day?
Lots and big kisses beautiful ladies!

Today I bring to you a very special post. It is so important for me because I believe in powerful and strong women, like you and me, and one of my favorite online stores, Rosegal, made a beautiful campaign to support this lovely day: Rosegal Women’ s Day Special Promotions.
I am sure you are looking for the perfect look Spring but you don’t want to buy expensive clothes and you need to find special and awesome deals. If I am right, Rosegal is your solution. To celebrate Women’ s Day, 8th March, they create a complete sales campaing! You can see their promotion here and I am going to explain in this post, step by step, how you can get better discounts.
1.Calendar and Dates Guide: I don’t want you to miss any of their promotions so, firstly, I am going to talk about main dates of these sales:
: From 1st to 6th March you will have a Massive Sale Preview on Rosegal website. In these six days you would be able to win free gifts! I am sure I will take a look to it in order to get free items.
: From 7th to 9th March you will have three days to get up to a 80% discount and the possibility to win $50. Can it be better? Of course, they will have free expedited shipping.
: From 10th to 12th March be alert! The final 72 hours of Rosegal Women’ s Day Special Promotions. If you are surprised with the previous sales and discount, these days you can save even more and enjoy bigger discounts.
2. What do you have to do if you want big coupons?
: You have three different options if you want big coupons:
: To get free big discounts, from 26th February to 12th March, you just have to go to their promotion website and subscribe with your email address. You will be the first to get 3.8 Mega Sale mystery discount.
: If you shop at Rosegal from 7th to 9th March and you sing in for 3 days consecutively, you will be able to win a $50 gift card.
: Your friends need to know it! If you share this promotion and your friends join and order you will get free products!
: Play Lucky Draw. This funny game will give you the opportunity to win points, coupons and free items.

Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts

Wonder Woman is a superhero comic book and movie adaptation that shows the equally powerful and strong aspects of a woman. It’s feminist and a showcase that what men can do, women can do also, sometimes even better. Of course, we shall deal with this subject beyond the superficial characteristics of the character. I know, she is beautiful like a goddess and have the body that can make any man fall for her. But beyond that, she’s intelligent, independent, strong, athletic and determined.